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1.Swiss VAMPIRES: Variability Among Modalities, Practices, Indications, Requests of hEmatic products and blood Samplings in Swiss ICUs

Dear colleague, 

As you know, blood loss, anemia, and consecutive transfusion of blood products create together a vicious circle, which not only can harm our patients, but also generate additional costs, potentially high,  for the health system. With the Swiss Vampires Study we aim to take a picture of the practices of the Swiss ICUs regarding anemia management, blood collection (indication, frequency, technique), and blood supply (indication, transfusion threshold, etc).  

Thus, we kindly ask you to participate in the online survey: to do so you only need a connected PC, tablet, or smartphone, and a maximum of 10 minutes of your time. Thank you!

2.Your institution

3.Blood management within your institution

4.Your intensive care unit (ICU)

5.Blood sampling

6.In the daily routine, and apart from inadequate oxygen-delivery, what is your true transfusion trigger?

7.Danke vielmals! Merci beaucoup! Grazie mille!

This address will be used exclusively to communicate the study results. It will not be shared with third parties.